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The Bear Claw Sweater (Unisex)
  • The Bear Claw Sweater (Unisex)

    It took a month of bear print tracking and lots of hiking but I finally got the perfect plaster pour. It wasn’t easy, and took many trials.



    I eventually found the perfect bear trail that lead to the Campbell River. I had to rake the leaves every couple days and compact the mud in multiple spots in hopes to get the perfect foot step.



    Based on the 7inch across paw print this bear is roughly 400-500lbs.


    It’s not too thick so it’s great for our westcoast layering weather.

    Our hand stamped clothing is buttery soft and high quality. Canadian sourced.

    Cotton/Poly Blend



    *** Heatherd maroon



    For Pre-Orders


    We are two stay at home mothers that run The Mossy Coast and we try our best to keep sizes in stock. We are limited being a small business but with your patience and support we will work hard to refresh our limited sizes to fit your needs. Please allow 2-3 weeks before we can begin the process of stamping nature to your shirt! We are working hard to build up our inventory and we thank you for your patience and encouragment!


    Rochelle + Michaela 


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