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driftwood necklace, fidget necklace

Our Story

I wanted to share with you why I was inspired to create the Mossy Coast!

Do you ever find yourself biting your nails? Do you ever fidget with objects around you? Or maybe you find that youre irritable and your body has the urge to move? This is common for a lot of people but when your young its even harder to manage. I can very much relate as I suffer from an anxiety disorder, but it was my son who needed a way to help manage his body on a day to day basis that pushed me to help not only him but myself. 

My sons occupational therapist once told me that people who fidget often fidget towards the center of their bodies. Hence thats why nail biting and hair chewing are common habits for people who have anxiety.

When your anxious your body stress harmones start to rise causing your body to prep muscles for sudden excursion.

Knowing what I know now encouraged me to help my son, it has also taught me more about myself.

I wanted to create a fidget accessory. One that my son and I could both benefit from. It needed to be able to be worn so it didn't get lost or misplaced. It also needed to be simple for him and beautiful for me. So... I pulled out some paper and i started to draw.


once I started brainstorming jewelry...I was hooked

I started taking courses and spent hours and hours experimenting and using the good old internet.

Combining what I've learnt and my love and appreciation for nature, themossycoast continues to grow and bring others closer to the forests and coast of Vancouver Island.

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